Sustainability is our Nature

Creating sustainability through circular solutions

What we do

SCC - Industries develops sustainable solutions for Africa.

We design business models that provide sustainable energy while considering the development of society and the preservation of the environment.


Our planet is our life.

Limiting harvesting of resources and the generation of pollution to a scale that can be continued indefinitely.


A thriving community.

Providing for the needs of every individual and community within the sustainable natural boundaries of our planet.


The driving force.

Accounting the true costs of the impacts of products or services on the environment and society.

About Our Company

SCC - Industries is a startup in the field of biomass materials production. Our objective is to introduce a sustainable, zero-waste and low-carbon emission production of charcoal.

With this, we aim to replace traditional production methods which are highly environmentally damaging – hereby contributing to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SCC - Industries envisions a circular economy based industry benefiting the environment, society and the economy. By remodeling and integrating an informal sector, so that it is committed to "closing the loop" of current consumption practices through re-thinking, reducing, reusing and recycling.

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“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

― Brundtland Report “Our Common Future”, 1987

The Pioneer Project: SCC - Industries in Tanzania

After the creation and fine-tuning of the business model, the concrete project setting in Africa and the strategic alliances were assessed. The profound country analysis and an on-ground evaluation, resulted in Tanzania as the starting point.

Following the successful implementation, the project will convert approx. 21,000 cubic meters of wood waste into green charcoal on an annual basis. The project creates direct and indirect jobs and at the same time demonstrates that sustainable charcoal production can add value to the society, environment and the economy.

  • Focuses on environmental conservation and ecological recovery
  • Eco-efficient and friendly production, preventing and reducing pollution
  • Contribute to economic development for remote areas
  • Provide social development for the rural and urban population
  • Grant value addition for the local economy
  • Strengthen the sustainable energy supply in Tanzania
  • Introduction of a sustainable waste management and clean disposal

Tanzania and Germany

Vision & Mission

We believe that now more than ever the economy has the responsibility to integrate a social and environmental focus on sustainable development.

Our Vision is to revolutionize the current charcoal industry in developing countries across the globe.

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Our Mission is to provide the target group, the poorest Africans, with a sustainable affordable alternative energy for their current negative traditional biomass Consumption.

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We strive to sustainability in every aspect of human life by means of promoting an evolution towards equity and inclusion.

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